Additional Swap Parts

These parts are not required, but compliment the main swap kit components

Accessory Drive Bracket Set

For use with a LS4 engine only. Removes the Power Steering pump, clunky tensioner, and allows use of a A/C compressor directly compatible with the DeLorean A/C system. Accessories are mounted low for a "cleaner" engine bay.
Includes Manual Tensioner, Low PS Alternator, Low DS AC compressor. Comes with hardware, belt, and pulleys. Alternator and AC compressor not included.

Engine Wiring Harness

Full Drop in wiring harness for use with any 2006-down (24x) LS engine for use in a Delorean. Includes pre-flashed ECU and mounting tray. Fully plug and play does not require any cutting, soldering, or modification of the stock wiring. Retains use of all stock dash gauges.


Pre-Flashed ECU for use with 2006-down LS engines.

Air Filter & MAF Housing

Mounts in place of the charcoal canister housing. Allows use of a LS7 card-style MAF and a 4" Cone filter mounted inside the pontoon. Tig welded and powdercoated aluminum.

Intake Manifold Elbow

Allows the throttle body to be remote mounted off of the intake manifold to fit in the DeLorean's tight engine bay. Comes with hardware and gaskets. Different variants in relation to the transmission used. Tig welded and powdercoated aluminum.

Fuel Lines

3 piece set of fuel lines for use with EFI applications. 3/8" stainless braided lines with quality crimped connections. These lines completely bypass any of the stock fuel lines.

Coolant tank

Similar to the stock coolant resevoir, but with ports that better suit the LS4. Polished aluminum.

Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS)

Allows VSS input to the ECU. Comes with sensor. Different variations of the design based on the transmission used.

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